Mongolian Baby Names

Choosing a baby name is a momentous decision for any parent. For those looking for names with a rich cultural heritage, Mongolian baby names offer a wealth of options, each with its own unique charm and deep meaning. In this article, we’ll explore popular, traditional, and modern Mongolian names, providing insights into their meanings and cultural significance.

Mongolian names often reflect the nation’s vast history, nomadic heritage, and the natural beauty of its landscape. Names can signify strength, bravery, beauty, and other virtues valued in Mongolian culture. This guide will help you navigate through a variety of Mongolian names, from the traditional to the modern, ensuring that you find a name that is both meaningful and unique.

  1. Altan – A name meaning “golden,” often given to boys to symbolize preciousness and value.
  2. Amar – Meaning “peace,” this name is chosen to signify tranquility and harmony.
  3. Arban – A name that means “leader” or “chief,” indicating a strong and commanding personality.
  4. Baatar – This name means “hero” or “warrior,” reflecting strength and bravery.
  5. Bat-Erdene – Meaning “strong jewel,” it combines elements of strength and preciousness.
  6. Bayar – A name meaning “joy” or “happiness,” often given to wish a joyful life.
  7. Bilegt – This name means “wise” or “intelligent,” indicating a child who is expected to be thoughtful and smart.
  8. Chuluun – Meaning “stone” or “rock,” it signifies solidity and endurance.
  9. Dagva – A name that means “stable” or “unchanging,” reflecting constancy.
  10. Erdene – Meaning “jewel” or “treasure,” symbolizing something precious.
  11. Ganbold – A name meaning “steel” and “firm,” indicating strong and steadfast qualities.
  12. Gansukh – This name means “steel axe,” signifying strength and power.
  13. Khas – Meaning “sword,” it symbolizes sharpness and strength.
  14. Munkh – A name that means “eternal” or “everlasting,” reflecting longevity.
  15. Naran – Meaning “sun,” it symbolizes brightness and warmth.
  16. Od – This name means “star,” indicating someone who is bright and significant.
  17. Orgil – Meaning “summit” or “peak,” it signifies someone who reaches great heights.
  18. Sukh – A name that means “axe,” symbolizing protection and strength.
  19. Temujin – Meaning “of iron” or “blacksmith,” famously borne by Genghis Khan before he became known by his title.
  20. Togtokh – This name means “secure” or “firm,” indicating stability and reliability.
  21. Tseren – Meaning “long life” or “eternal,” it reflects wishes for longevity.
  22. Tuguldur – A name meaning “clear” or “pure,” symbolizing clarity and purity.
  23. Ulaan – Meaning “red,” it signifies vibrancy and passion.
  24. Zorig – This name means “courage” or “bravery,” reflecting valor.
  25. Zul – A name that means “candle” or “light,” symbolizing guidance and illumination.

Mongolian Baby Names

These names reflect various virtues, natural elements, and qualities valued in Mongolian culture, such as strength, wisdom, and longevity.

  1. Altantsetseg – A name meaning “golden flower,” symbolizing beauty and value.
  2. Anu – Inspired by the historical figure Queen Anu, this name signifies grace and strength.
  3. Baatarjin – Meaning “heroine” or “brave woman,” reflecting courage.
  4. Bayarmaa – A name that means “mother of joy,” indicating a source of happiness.
  5. Bolormaa – Meaning “crystal mother,” it symbolizes purity and clarity.
  6. Delgermaa – This name means “mother of prosperity,” reflecting abundance.
  7. Enkhtuya – A name meaning “ray of peace,” signifying tranquility and harmony.
  8. Erdenechimeg – Meaning “precious ornament,” it symbolizes something treasured and beautiful.
  9. Gereltuya – A name that means “radiant ray,” indicating brightness and light.
  10. Khulan – Inspired by a type of wild horse native to Mongolia, symbolizing freedom and grace.
  11. Mandukhai – Named after Queen Mandukhai, it signifies strength and leadership.
  12. Munkhtuya – Meaning “eternal light,” it reflects everlasting brightness.
  13. Narantuya – A name meaning “sunlight,” symbolizing warmth and brightness.
  14. Nomin – Meaning “lapis lazuli,” a precious stone, it symbolizes beauty and rarity.
  15. Odgerel – A name that means “starlight,” indicating brightness and significance.
  16. Oyun – Meaning “wisdom” or “intellect,” reflecting intelligence and thoughtfulness.
  17. Sarangerel – This name means “moonlight,” symbolizing serenity and calmness.
  18. Sarnai – A name meaning “rose,” symbolizing beauty and delicacy.
  19. Setgel – Meaning “heart” or “soul,” indicating emotional depth and compassion.
  20. Soyolmaa – A name that means “cultural mother,” reflecting heritage and tradition.
  21. Tuya – Meaning “ray” or “beam,” it symbolizes light and hope.
  22. Ujin – A name meaning “graceful” or “gentle,” indicating elegance.
  23. Uyanga – Meaning “melody” or “song,” it symbolizes harmony and musicality.
  24. Zaya – A name that means “destiny” or “fate,” indicating a sense of purpose.
  25. Zolzaya – Meaning “blessed destiny,” it reflects fortunate and auspicious future.

These names reflect the cultural values, natural beauty, and important virtues cherished in Mongolian society, such as grace, wisdom, and brightness.

Unisex Mongolian Baby Names

Mongolian Baby Names

These unisex names reflect important qualities and symbols in Mongolian culture, such as strength, wisdom, and brightness, making them suitable for any child regardless of gender.

  1. Altanshagai – A name meaning “golden sandal,” symbolizing value and the journey of life, often used for both boys and girls.
  2. Batbayar – Of Mongolian origin, meaning “strong joy,” reflecting a robust and joyful nature suitable for any child.
  3. Bat-Erdene – Meaning “strong jewel,” combining elements of strength and preciousness, appropriate for either gender.
  4. Bilguun – This name means “wise,” indicating intelligence and thoughtfulness, making it a fitting choice for both boys and girls.
  5. Chingis – Inspired by Chingis Khan, meaning “universal ruler,” symbolizing leadership and strength, used for both genders.
  6. Dalai – A name meaning “ocean,” reflecting vastness and depth, suitable for any child.
  7. Erkhem – Meaning “precious” or “valuable,” indicating something cherished and respected, fitting for both boys and girls.
  8. Ganzorig – Of Mongolian origin, meaning “steel courage,” reflecting strength and bravery, a strong unisex name.
  9. Khishig – This name means “blessing” or “fortune,” symbolizing a child who brings good luck and prosperity, suitable for either gender.
  10. Munkh-Erdene – Meaning “eternal jewel,” reflecting enduring value and beauty, appropriate for both boys and girls.
  11. Narantsetseg – A unisex name meaning “sunflower,” symbolizing brightness and growth, suitable for any child.
  12. Od – Meaning “star,” indicating brightness and significance, a fitting choice for either gender.
  13. Saruul – Of Mongolian origin, meaning “clear” or “bright,” symbolizing clarity and brightness, suitable for both boys and girls.
  14. Temuulen – This name means “aspire” or “endeavor,” reflecting ambition and determination, appropriate for any child.
  15. Zul – A name meaning “candle” or “light,” symbolizing guidance and illumination, fitting for both genders.

Traditional Mongolian Names and Their Meanings

Traditional Mongolian names often derive from historical events, nature, and the pastoral lifestyle of the Mongolian people. These names carry deep cultural significance and are a testament to Mongolia’s rich history.

Mongolian Baby Names

Traditional Mongolian Names For Boys

  1. Altangerel – Meaning “golden light,” symbolizing brilliance and value.
  2. Bayarjav – A name meaning “happy victory,” indicating joy and success.
  3. Bold – This name means “strong” or “firm,” reflecting resilience.
  4. Davaa – Meaning “Monday,” it is traditionally given to boys born on this day.
  5. Dorj – A name meaning “vajra” or “thunderbolt,” symbolizing indestructibility.
  6. Enkhtur – Meaning “peaceful courage,” it reflects a combination of tranquility and bravery.
  7. Ganbat – A name meaning “steel firmness,” indicating strength and stability.
  8. Khasbaatar – Meaning “hero with a sword,” reflecting bravery and strength.
  9. Munkhbold – This name means “eternally firm,” signifying unyielding strength.
  10. Nerguibaatar – A traditional name meaning “hero with no name,” to avoid attracting evil spirits.
  11. Ochirsukh – Meaning “thunderbolt axe,” symbolizing powerful protection.
  12. Orgil – A name meaning “peak” or “summit,” indicating someone who reaches great heights.
  13. Sod – Meaning “rare” or “unique,” reflecting exceptional qualities.
  14. Temuulen – A name that means “to strive” or “to aspire,” reflecting ambition.
  15. Tengis – Meaning “sea,” it symbolizes vastness and depth.
  16. Tsagaan – A name meaning “white” or “pure,” reflecting purity.
  17. Tsevegmed – Meaning “eternal joy,” indicating long-lasting happiness.
  18. Ulzii – A name meaning “blessing,” reflecting good fortune.
  19. Uurtsaikh – Meaning “beautiful smile,” symbolizing joy and friendliness.
  20. Zorig – A name meaning “courage,” reflecting bravery and strength.

Traditional Mongolian Names For Girls

  1. Altansarnai – Meaning “golden rose,” symbolizing beauty and value.
  2. Bolormaa – A name meaning “crystal mother,” reflecting purity and clarity.
  3. Chimeg – This name means “ornament,” indicating beauty and adornment.
  4. Delger – Meaning “prosperity” or “expansion,” reflecting abundance.
  5. Dolgor – A name meaning “long-lasting,” symbolizing endurance.
  6. Erdenetungalag – Meaning “precious crystal,” symbolizing clarity and value.
  7. Ganchimeg – This name means “steel ornament,” indicating strength and beauty.
  8. Khadbaatar – A name meaning “rock hero,” reflecting strength and resilience.
  9. Munkhzaya – Meaning “eternal destiny,” symbolizing a lasting and important fate.
  10. Narangerel – A name meaning “radiant light,” symbolizing brightness and warmth.
  11. Narantsetseg – Meaning “sunflower,” reflecting beauty and positivity.
  12. Nomin-Erdene – A name meaning “lapis lazuli jewel,” symbolizing preciousness and beauty.
  13. Odontuya – Meaning “star ray,” indicating brightness and significance.
  14. Onch – A name meaning “sharp” or “wise,” reflecting intelligence.
  15. Saranchimeg – Meaning “moon ornament,” symbolizing beauty and calmness.
  16. Setsegmaa – A name meaning “flower mother,” indicating nurturing and beauty.
  17. Soyombo – A name referring to the Soyombo symbol, indicating freedom and independence.
  18. Temuujin – A name meaning “blacksmith,” reflecting strength and skill.
  19. Tungalag – Meaning “clear” or “transparent,” indicating purity.
  20. Yalalt – A name meaning “victory,” symbolizing success and triumph.

These names reflect traditional Mongolian values, elements of nature, and important virtues, showcasing a variety of meaningful qualities.

Modern Mongolian Names and Their Meanings

Modern Mongolian names blend traditional elements with contemporary influences, reflecting a more globalized culture while still retaining unique Mongolian traits.

Modern Mongolian Names For Boys

Mongolian Baby Names

  1. Aldar – Meaning “fame” or “glory,” symbolizing distinction and renown.
  2. Arvin – A name meaning “plenty” or “abundance,” reflecting prosperity.
  3. Batmunkh – Meaning “eternal firmness,” indicating enduring strength.
  4. Bilguun – A name that means “wise” or “knowledgeable,” reflecting intelligence.
  5. Chingun – Meaning “gentle” or “tender,” symbolizing kindness.
  6. Dulguun – This name means “calm” or “serene,” indicating tranquility.
  7. Erdem – Meaning “virtue” or “knowledge,” reflecting moral and intellectual qualities.
  8. Gantulga – A name meaning “steel bow,” symbolizing strength and precision.
  9. Ider – A name meaning “youthful” or “young,” indicating vitality.
  10. Jargal – Meaning “happiness,” symbolizing joy and contentment.
  11. Khurelbaatar – A name meaning “steel hero,” indicating strength and courage.
  12. Munkhtulga – Meaning “eternal foundation,” reflecting a strong and lasting base.
  13. Naran – A name meaning “sun” or “sunlight,” symbolizing brightness and warmth.
  14. Ochir – Meaning “vajra” or “thunderbolt,” symbolizing power and protection.
  15. Sanjaajav – A name meaning “holy peace,” indicating purity and tranquility.
  16. Tuvshin – Meaning “steel” or “iron,” symbolizing strength and resilience.
  17. Uuganbayar – A name meaning “eternal joy,” symbolizing lasting happiness.
  18. Zorig – Meaning “courage” or “bravery,” reflecting valor.
  19. Bataar – A name meaning “hero” or “warrior,” symbolizing strength and bravery.
  20. Bolor – Meaning “crystal” or “crystal clear,” symbolizing clarity and purity.

Modern Mongolian Names For Girls

  1. Altantsetseg – Meaning “golden flower,” symbolizing beauty and value.
  2. Anu – A name meaning “peace” or “harmony,” reflecting tranquility.
  3. Bayarmaa – Meaning “mother of joy,” symbolizing happiness and nurturing.
  4. Bolormaa – A name meaning “crystal mother,” symbolizing purity and clarity.
  5. Bujin – Meaning “delicate” or “gentle,” symbolizing grace and elegance.
  6. Dulamsuren – A name meaning “eternal light,” indicating everlasting brightness.
  7. Enkhtsetseg – Meaning “peaceful flower,” symbolizing serenity and beauty.
  8. Erdenechimeg – A name meaning “precious ornament,” symbolizing something treasured and beautiful.
  9. Gerel – Meaning “light” or “ray,” symbolizing brightness and guidance.
  10. Jargaltuya – A name meaning “peaceful sea,” reflecting calmness and vastness.
  11. Khulan – Inspired by the wild Mongolian horse, symbolizing grace and freedom.
  12. Mandakh – A name meaning “everlasting,” symbolizing permanence and endurance.
  13. Narantsetseg – Meaning “sunflower,” symbolizing brightness and positivity.
  14. Nomin – A name meaning “lapis lazuli,” symbolizing preciousness and beauty.
  15. Oyun – Meaning “wisdom” or “intellect,” reflecting intelligence and insight.
  16. Sarangerel – A name meaning “moonlight,” symbolizing calmness and beauty.
  17. Tseren – Meaning “pure” or “clean,” symbolizing innocence and clarity.
  18. Uyanga – A name meaning “melody” or “song,” symbolizing harmony and beauty.
  19. Zolzaya – Meaning “blessed destiny,” symbolizing fortunate and auspicious future.
  20. Namuun – A name meaning “gentle” or “soft,” symbolizing kindness and tenderness.

These names reflect modern Mongolian cultural values and aesthetics, emphasizing qualities such as strength, beauty, and tranquility.

Tips for Choosing a Mongolian Baby Name

  1. Meaning: Choose a name with a meaning that resonates with you and your family.
  2. Pronunciation: Consider how easily the name can be pronounced by family members and in your community.
  3. Cultural Significance: Understand the cultural background and significance of the name.
  4. Uniqueness: Opt for a name that stands out but is still meaningful.
  5. Combination: You can combine traditional and modern elements to create a unique name.


How do Mongolian names reflect the culture?

Mongolian names often reflect the nation’s history, nature, and values. For example, names like Chuluun (Stone) and Naran (Sun) depict natural elements, while names like Baatar (Hero) highlight valued traits.

Are there specific naming customs in Mongolia?

Yes, traditionally, Mongolian names are often chosen for their meanings and the virtues they represent. Many names are derived from nature, historical figures, and cultural values.

Can I use a Mongolian name if I am not Mongolian?

Absolutely! Choosing a Mongolian name for your child can be a wonderful way to honor the culture and imbue your child’s name with unique significance.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a Mongolian baby name can be a beautiful way to connect with a rich cultural heritage. Whether you opt for a traditional name that echoes the history of the steppes or a modern name that blends old and new, Mongolian names offer a unique and meaningful choice for your child. Explore the meanings, consider the significance, and select a name that will bring joy and pride for years to come.

By Sonia Rajput

I'm Sonia Rajput, an Onomastics enthusiast from Sweden. I earned my master's degree in Onomastics from the prestigious Uppsala University. My studies have fueled my passion for exploring the intricate world of names and their cultural significance. I'm dedicated to understanding the unique ways names shape our identities and societies.

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