Baby Girl Names Meaning Princess

Choosing a name for your baby girl is a significant decision, and many parents look for names with beautiful meanings. One timeless and regal choice is a name that means “princess.” These names convey grace, nobility, and elegance. Here’s a look at some of the most enchanting baby girl names that mean princess from various cultures and languages.

Hebrew Origins

Girl Names Meaning Princess

  1. Sara: Noble lady, princess.
  2. Sarah: Princess.
  3. Sarai: My princess.
  4. Suri: Princess.
  5. Sera: Princess.
  6. Shari: Princess.
  7. Sharai: My princess.
  8. Saralee: Princess.
  9. Dena: Judged, princess.
  10. Dinah: Judged, princess.
  11. Tzipora: Bird, princess.
  12. Eliora: God is my light, princess.
  13. Sira: Princess.

Arabic Roots

Names Meaning Princess

  1. Zara: Princess, flower.
  2. Saina: Princess.
  3. Zadie: Princess.
  4. Ameerah: Princess.
  5. Amira: Princess.
  6. Nadira: Precious, princess.
  7. Saba: Princess, morning.
  8. Basira: Insightful princess.
  9. Zuleika: Fair, brilliant princess.
  10. Zaara: Princess, blossom.
  11. Reha: Princess, comfort.
  12. Alya: Lofty, princess.
  13. Amal: Hope, princess.
  14. Maliha: Beautiful, princess.
  15. Zaria: Princess, rose.
  16. Lina: Tender, princess.
  17. Dana: Wise, princess.
  18. Leila: Night, princess.
  19. Yara: Small butterfly, princess.
  20. Zulema: Peaceful, princess.
  21. Fatima: Captivating, princess.

European Elegance

Baby Girl Names Meaning Princess

  1. Sadie (English): Diminutive of Sarah, meaning princess.
  2. Sally (English): Diminutive of Sarah, princess.
  3. Queen (English): Monarch, princess.
  4. Riona (Irish): Queenly, princess.
  5. Orla (Irish): Golden princess.
  6. Orlaith (Irish): Golden princess.
  7. Gormlaith (Irish): Illustrious princess.
  8. Riona (Gaelic): Queen, princess.
  9. Tiana (Russian): Princess.
  10. Vera (Russian): Faith, princess.
  11. Reina (Spanish): Queen, princess.
  12. Rhiannon (Welsh): Divine queen, princess.
  13. Sian (Welsh): God is gracious, princess.
  14. Ilona (Hungarian): Light, princess.
  15. Mina (German): Love, princess.

Exotic Charm

Exotic Baby Girl Names Meaning Princess

  1. Kala (Hawaiian): Princess.
  2. Soraya (Persian): Princess.
  3. Daria (Persian): Queenly, princess.
  4. Putri (Indonesian): Princess.
  5. Saija (Finnish): Princess.
  6. Salla (Finnish): Princess.
  7. Zarouhi (Armenian): Princess.
  8. Tzeitel (Yiddish): Princess.
  9. Ece (Turkish): Queen, princess.
  10. Sarika (Hindi): Princess.
  11. Rani (Sanskrit): Queen, princess.
  12. Turi (Polynesian): Princess.
  13. Sesan (Yoruba): Princess.

Unique Choices

Unique Baby Girl Names Meaning Princess

  1. Damara (Greek): Gentle girl, princess.
  2. Dione (Greek): Divine queen, princess.
  3. Erica (Norse): Ever-ruler, princess.
  4. Freya (Norse): Lady, noblewoman, princess.
  5. Mira (Latin): Wonderful, princess.
  6. Miran (Latin): Wonderful princess.
  7. Juno (Latin): Queen of the heavens, princess.
  8. Regina (Latin): Queen, princess.
  9. Valeria (Latin): Strong, princess.
  10. Saffron (English): Spice, princess.
  11. Zina (Greek): Shining, princess.
  12. Thalia (Greek): To blossom, princess.
  13. Zora (Slavic): Dawn, princess.
  14. Galina (Greek): Calm, princess.
  15. Selene (Greek): Moon goddess, princess.
  16. Helena (Greek): Light, princess.
  17. Elina (Greek): Light, princess.
  18. Maelie (Breton): Princess.

Choosing a name with such a noble meaning can be a wonderful way to start your child’s journey in life, imbuing her with a sense of dignity and grace from the very beginning. Whether you are looking for a name that is traditional, modern, or unique, there is a princess name that can perfectly suit your baby girl.

By Sonia Rajput

I'm Sonia Rajput, an Onomastics enthusiast from Sweden. I earned my master's degree in Onomastics from the prestigious Uppsala University. My studies have fueled my passion for exploring the intricate world of names and their cultural significance. I'm dedicated to understanding the unique ways names shape our identities and societies.

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