Wiccan and Pagan Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Choosing a name for a new baby is a meaningful and cherished task, especially within Wiccan and Pagan traditions. Names carry profound significance, often reflecting elements of nature, mythology, and spirituality. This article provides a curated list of 50 Wiccan and Pagan baby names for boys and girls, each imbued with unique meanings and cultural heritage, to inspire parents on their naming journey.

Importance of Names in Wiccan and Pagan Traditions

In Wiccan and Pagan traditions, names are more than just labels; they hold spiritual and cultural significance. Names are often chosen for their meanings and associations with nature, ancient mythology, and deities, symbolizing various qualities parents wish to bestow upon their children. This deep connection to nature and mythology ensures that the chosen names carry the essence of the beliefs and values held dear by Wiccan and Pagan families.

Tips for Choosing a Wiccan or Pagan Baby Name

  • Reflecting Values and Beliefs: Choose a name that aligns with your personal spiritual beliefs and values. Consider what qualities you wish to instill in your child.
  • Considering the Name’s Meaning: The meaning of the name can have a lasting impact. Select names that resonate with you and reflect desirable traits.
  • Cultural and Mythological Connections: Respect the cultural heritage and mythological roots of the name. Ensure that the name’s background and significance align with your family’s traditions and beliefs.

Baby Names for Boys

Wiccan and Pagan Baby Names for Boys and Girls

  1. Alaric – A name of Germanic origin meaning “ruler of all.”
  2. Aiden – Derived from the Irish name Aodhán, meaning “little fire.”
  3. Asher – Hebrew origin, meaning “happy” or “blessed.”
  4. Bran – Welsh origin, meaning “raven.”
  5. Cedric – Of Celtic origin, meaning “bounty” or “loved.”
  6. Cian – Irish name meaning “ancient.”
  7. Corbin – Latin origin, meaning “raven.”
  8. Dorian – Greek origin, meaning “gift.”
  9. Draco – Greek origin, meaning “dragon.”
  10. Eamon – Irish origin, meaning “wealthy protector.”
  11. Finn – Irish origin, meaning “fair” or “white.”
  12. Galen – Greek origin, meaning “calm” or “healer.”
  13. Griffin – Welsh origin, meaning “strong lord” or referring to the mythical creature.
  14. Jasper – Persian origin, meaning “bringer of treasure.”
  15. Kieran – Irish origin, meaning “little dark one.”
  16. Leif – Scandinavian origin, meaning “descendant” or “heir.”
  17. Lorcan – Irish origin, meaning “little fierce one.”
  18. Orion – Greek origin, named after the mythological hunter and constellation.
  19. Rowan – Gaelic origin, meaning “little red one” or “from the rowan tree.”
  20. Sage – Latin origin, meaning “wise” or referring to the herb.
  21. Silvan – Latin origin, meaning “wood” or “forest.”
  22. Taliesin – Welsh origin, meaning “shining brow,” referring to the famous bard.
  23. Thorne – English origin, meaning “thorn bush.”
  24. Tristan – Celtic origin, meaning “sorrowful” or “tumult.”
  25. Zephyr – Greek origin, meaning “west wind.”

Baby Names for Girls

Wiccan and Pagan Baby Names for Boys and Girls

  1. Aria – Italian origin, meaning “air” or “song.”
  2. Aurora – Latin origin, meaning “dawn.”
  3. Briar – English origin, referring to the thorny plant.
  4. Calla – Greek origin, meaning “beautiful,” referring to the calla lily.
  5. Celeste – Latin origin, meaning “heavenly.”
  6. Circe – Greek origin, referring to the enchantress in mythology.
  7. Daphne – Greek origin, meaning “laurel tree” or “bay tree.”
  8. Elowen – Cornish origin, meaning “elm tree.”
  9. Esme – French origin, meaning “esteemed” or “loved.”
  10. Freya – Norse origin, named after the goddess of love and beauty.
  11. Gaia – Greek origin, meaning “earth,” referring to the Earth goddess.
  12. Hazel – English origin, referring to the hazel tree.
  13. Iris – Greek origin, meaning “rainbow,” also the name of a flower.
  14. Juniper – Latin origin, referring to the juniper tree.
  15. Luna – Latin origin, meaning “moon.”
  16. Maeve – Irish origin, meaning “she who intoxicates,” a warrior queen in mythology.
  17. Morrigan – Irish origin, meaning “phantom queen,” referring to the goddess of war.
  18. Niamh – Irish origin, meaning “bright” or “radiant.”
  19. Ophelia – Greek origin, meaning “help.”
  20. Rhiannon – Welsh origin, meaning “great queen” or “divine queen.”
  21. Rowan – Gaelic origin, meaning “little red one” or “from the rowan tree.”
  22. Sage – Latin origin, meaning “wise” or referring to the herb.
  23. Selene – Greek origin, meaning “moon goddess.”
  24. Thalia – Greek origin, meaning “to blossom” or “flourishing.”
  25. Willow – English origin, referring to the willow tree.

These names reflect various aspects of nature, mythology, and ancient cultures, making them popular choices among Wiccan and Pagan families.

Final Thoughts

In Wiccan and Pagan traditions, the act of naming a child is a profound and spiritual practice. By choosing names that reflect nature, mythology, and spirituality, parents can imbue their children with meaningful and powerful qualities. Whether you seek a name that signifies strength, wisdom, beauty, or resilience, this list offers a rich array of options to inspire your choice. Embrace the journey of naming your child as a reflection of your values and beliefs, and may your chosen name bring blessings and joy to your child’s life.

By Sonia Rajput

I'm Sonia Rajput, an Onomastics enthusiast from Sweden. I earned my master's degree in Onomastics from the prestigious Uppsala University. My studies have fueled my passion for exploring the intricate world of names and their cultural significance. I'm dedicated to understanding the unique ways names shape our identities and societies.

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