Maori Baby Girl Names

Kia ora, whānau! Are you embarking on the enchanting quest of finding the perfect name for your little wahine? Dive deep into the rich tapestry of Maori baby girl names with us, where tradition dances with uniqueness. This journey promises to be a delightful exploration of names that resonate with love, heritage, and the vibrant spirit of Aotearoa. So, grab a cuppa and let’s embark on this exciting voyage together!

Understanding Maori Naming Traditions

In the heart of Aotearoa, names hold a sacred place within the Maori culture. They are not merely labels but connections to whakapapa (genealogy), whakapono (beliefs), and the essence of being. Maori names often carry profound meanings, reflecting the beauty of the land, the wisdom of ancestors, or cherished values that guide families through generations.

Maori names are imbued with mana (prestige) and tapu (sacredness), creating a sense of identity and belonging for individuals. Naming ceremonies, known as ‘ngākau tapu,’ are significant events that celebrate the arrival of a new member into the whānau (family), affirming their place within the community.

Let’s start our exploration with some popular Maori girl names that have captured hearts across generations:

  1. Aroha – Love; compassion
  2. Hinemoa – Girl from the island; a legendary love story
  3. Moana – Ocean; vast sea
  4. Tui – Bird; unique; distinctive
  5. Rongoā – Medicine; healing
  6. Tama – Child; offspring
  7. Wai – Water; stream
  8. Pania – Mythical sea maiden
  9. Manaia – Guardian; protector
  10. Papatūānuku – Earth mother
  11. Mereana – Beloved
  12. Tāne – Man; god of forests
  13. Tāwhirimātea – God of weather
  14. Maramatanga – Enlightenment
  15. Moe – Sleep
  16. Tia – Aunt
  17. Maia – Brave; courageous
  18. Karere – Messenger; courier
  19. Tumatauenga – God of war
  20. Manu – Bird; offspring

Unique Maori Girl Names

Venture into the realm of unique Maori girl names that carry stories of nature’s splendor and cultural richness:

  1. Hine – Girl; young woman
  2. Kiri – Skin; bark
  3. Anahera – Angel
  4. Kahu – Cloak; garment
  5. Rere – Flow; leap
  6. Hineahuone – First woman; made from earth
  7. Te Aroha – The love
  8. Awhina – Help; support
  9. Hinekura – Young girl; maiden
  10. Ataahua – Beautiful
  11. Hinepūkohurangi – Mist maiden; mountain spirit
  12. Huriana – Peace; calm
  13. Kowhai – Yellow flower
  14. Hinetāpora – Morning star
  15. Te Rina – The shimmer
  16. Rawinia – Old woman
  17. Piri – Close; near
  18. Awhi – Embrace; hug
  19. Kahurangi – Treasured; blue sky
  20. Rangi – Sky; heaven
  21. Wairua – Spirit
  22. Pounamu – Greenstone; precious stone
  23. Te Hira – The treasure
  24. Moeawatea – Calm sea
  25. Tāwhirimatea – God of winds
  26. Reremoana – Beautiful ocean
  27. Tiki – Carving; image
  28. Aio – Peaceful
  29. Tiaho – Shine; glow
  30. Arorangi – Heavens
  31. Whare – House; home
  32. Parearohi – A blossom
  33. Hiwa – Wish; desire
  34. Ria – River
  35. Hukarere – Snow
  36. Maikara – Cheerful; happy
  37. Taua – War party; brigade
  38. Waiata – Song; chant
  39. Hiriwa – Silver
  40. Ngaire – Daisy

Modern Maori Baby Girl Names

Embrace the beauty of modern Maori baby girl names that blend tradition with contemporary flair:

  1. Awhia – Shimmering
  2. Anika – Grace; favour
  3. Pare – Adornment; crown
  4. Koha – Gift; present
  5. Tiaho – Shine; glow
  6. Arorangi – Heavens
  7. Whare – House; home
  8. Parearohi – A blossom
  9. Hiwa – Wish; desire
  10. Ria – River
  11. Hukarere – Snow
  12. Maikara – Cheerful; happy
  13. Taua – War party; brigade
  14. Waiata – Song; chant
  15. Hiriwa – Silver
  16. Ngaire – Daisy
  17. Tikitiki – Summit; top
  18. Pia – Devoted; pious
  19. Tarewa – Suspended; hanging
  20. Rereahu – One who flows
  21. Mahinarangi – Ambitious
  22. Rāwiri – David; beloved
  23. Roimata – Tear; weep
  24. Irihapeti – Elizabeth; consecrated to God
  25. Kairangi – Superior; exquisite
  26. Tauriel – Abundant; plenty
  27. Rauora – Life; vitality
  28. Iritana – Desire; wish
  29. Aria – Air; song melody
  30. Kaua – Wait
  31. Wairere – Waterfall
  32. Kahuwera – Red cloak
  33. Matariki – Small eyes; Pleiades star cluster
  34. Awhitia – Adored; loved
  35. Tawhirimatea – God of winds
  36. Reremoana – Beautiful ocean
  37. Maramara – Sparkling; shining
  38. Anaherarere – Gentle angel
  39. Tumanako – Hope; aspiration
  40. Kiriwera – Dappled; mottled

Choosing the Perfect Maori Name

As you immerse yourself in the beauty of Maori names, consider the values and meanings that resonate with your whānau. Whether it’s love, strength, or connection to nature, there’s a Maori name waiting to capture your heart. Reflect on your family’s heritage, aspirations, and the legacy you wish to pass down to your little one. Each name carries a story, a legacy, and a promise for the future. Choose a name that speaks to your soul and celebrates the unique spirit of your baby girl.

Pronunciation Guide

Wh: Pronounced as ‘f’ in English.
Example: Whetu is ‘Feh-too’.

Ā: Pronounced like the ‘a’ in ‘car’.
Example: Whānau is ‘Fah-now’.

Aroha: ‘Ah-roh-hah’

Marama: ‘Mah-rah-mah’

Tia: ‘Tee-ah’

Kowhai: ‘Koh-fai’

Rau: ‘Rah-oo’

Whetu: ‘Feh-too’

Hana: ‘Hah-nah’

Manaia: ‘Mah-nah-ee-ah’

Final Words

We hope this whimsical journey through Maori baby girl names has sparked joy, inspiration, and a deeper connection to Aotearoa’s rich culture. Embracing the richness of Maori naming traditions is a beautiful way to honor heritage, create lasting connections, and celebrate the arrival of your precious wahine. Kia kaha (stay strong), whānau, and may your baby girl’s name be a beacon of love, light, and endless possibilities!


What is the Māori name for beautiful?

The Māori word for beautiful is ‘whakairo.’ While it’s not commonly used as a personal name, it captures the essence of beauty and craftsmanship within the Māori culture.

Can I give my child a Māori name?

Absolutely! Many families choose to give their children Māori names to honor the culture, heritage, and values that resonate with them. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate diversity, embrace tradition, and create meaningful connections.

Is Aria a Māori name?

Aria is not a traditional Māori name but has gained popularity in New Zealand and around the world. While it’s not of Māori origin, Aria is a beautiful name that resonates with many families.

What is the Māori name for Princess?

The Māori name for Princess is ‘Tia.’ This name signifies royalty and celebrates the inherent worth and beauty of every girl.

What are New Zealand inspired names for girls?

New Zealand-inspired names for girls often reflect the country’s natural beauty, culture, and heritage. Some examples include Kowhai (named after the vibrant yellow Kowhai flower), Rau (meaning ‘leaf’), and Whetu (representing ‘star’)

What are Māori names for love?

Māori names that symbolize love include Aroha (meaning ‘love’) and Rangi (representing ‘sky’ or ‘heavenly love’). These names celebrate the essence of love, affection, and connection within the Māori culture.

By Taika Ngata

Kia ora! I'm a proud Maori father of three - two sons and a daughter. As a guest author at Cuddle Pixie, I blend my love for writing with insights from Maori culture to offer heartfelt parenting tips and advice. Join me on this journey of nurturing our tamariki with love and cultural wisdom.

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